In Vitro Skin Corrosion Test: Reconstructed Human Epidermis (RHE)

In Vitro Skin Corrosion Test is used for the hazard identification of those chemicals and mixtures capable of inducing skin corrosion (UN GHS Category 1), and in some cases to partially subcategorize corrosives into UN GHS Sub-Categories 1A or 1B and 1C

Test ModelEpi Derm, Mattek
ReplicatesN=2 tissues per test condition
Assay ControlsNegative Control – Ultrapure Water
Positive Control – 8N KOH
Exposure Time1 hour topical exposure to Epi derm
50 μL or 25mg of test material per tissue
Test Item Quantity0.5 ml or 500 mg
End PointMTT Tissue Viability Assay
Data Delivery% relative viability ± SD
Timeline15 days

Acceptable OD value for Epi derm Model:

  • Lower acceptance limit: ≥ 0.8
  • Upper acceptance limit: ≤ 2.8

Mean tissue
viability (%)
Data prediction
3 minutes < 50%Corrosive (1A)
3 min ≥ 50% and
1 hour < 15%
Corrosive (1B and 1C)
3 min ≥ 50% and
1 hour ≥ 15%

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