In Vitro Chromosomal Aberration Test

The purpose of the in vitro chromosome aberration test is to identify agents that cause structural chromosome aberrations in cultured mammalian somatic cells. Metaphase cells are analysed microscopically for the presence of chromosome aberrations.

Test ModelChinese Hamster Ovary (CHO), Human peripheral blood lymphocytes
Assay ControlsNegative Control – Aqueous and Organic solvents
Positive Control – Ethyl Methane Sulphonate and Cyclophosphamide monohydrate
Exposure TimeShort Duration – (With and Without Metabolic Activation, 3 – 6 hrs)
Prolonged duration treatment: (Without Metabolic Activation, 20 – 21 hrs)
Test Item ConcentrationShould not be greater than 10mM, 2 mg/mL or 2 μL/mL
End PointScoring of 300 metaphases to identify aberrations
Data DeliveryPercent Chromosomal aberrations and type of chromosomal aberrations.Mitotic Index
Timeline10 – 12 Weeks

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